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Teaching Staff

Natalie Tannehill 

MIT is owned by Natalie Tannehill. Her experience includes the study of dance for over 25 years, including teaching and choreography. She has participated in conventions and classes through Tremaine, NYCDA, UDA, NDA, Hall of Fame, Showstopper, Break the Floor, and Lou Conte Dance Studio in Chicago. In addition, she has choreographed routines that have won numerous awards. She was a member of the Universal Dance Association for four years and has also judged many dance competitions throughout the Midwest.  She continues to build dance programs throughout schools in Livingston county. When she is not teaching dance, Natalie enjoys spending time with her husband and three awesome children! Metamorphosis Instruction and Technique (MIT) is fully dedicated to providing dancers of all ages an encouraging environment where they are given the chance to grow and shine in their dance education. My goal is to deliver the highest quality of dance training while promoting each student’s unique gift of talent. Staying true to the name “Metamorphosis”, Natalie wishes to encourage students to attain their fullest potential, while supporting them as they grow artistically and mature into well-rounded individuals.


Katrina Grace

The MIT Dance Studio is so excited to offer TWO  baton camps taught by Katrina Grace! 

Katrina Grace is the Hartland High school baton twirler and JR Olympic gold champion. Coach Katrina started her own baton team Twirling for Grace in 2020, Twirling for Grace is the raining WTA national champions. Katrina worked with students all over Ohio and MI and can’t wait to  Collab with MIT Dance!

Baton twirling helps develop hand-eye coordination and social skills. It combines dance and Gymnastics. During this class, we will be learning the basic skills of baton twirling.


Katy Luther

The MIT Dance Studio is so excited to offer summer dance classes taught by Katy Luther! 

Katy has been dancing since the age of 6. She grew up attending a dance studio in Clarkston, MI where she trained in various styles including tap, jazz, ballet, contemporary, and hip hop. She was a part of the competition team and attended many competitions and conventions where she received scholarships for her outstanding performance. She later attended Grand Valley State University where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Dance and had the opportunity to work with many professional choreographers who helped Katy develop her technique and artistry. After college, she started teaching dance while also completing her Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy from UM-Flint. She has been teaching dance for 7 years and has been a licensed Physical Therapist for 3 years. Katy’s passion is dance and she cannot wait to start teaching the kids at MIT! She plans to encourage and help them grow in their artistry and passion for dance. Outside of dance, Katy enjoys hiking, biking, and spending time with her husband and two cats, Minnie and Vader.

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Sydney Hopson

The MIT Dance Studio is so excited to offer personalized tumbling classes taught by Sydney Hopson! 


Sydney is a Gymnast with over 13 years of experience. She has competed at the Level 6, Excel Platinum, and High School levels. Her love of gymnastics helped her craft her tumbling skills, which she also used in cheerleading for over 9 years. Tumbling increases strength, coordination, and flexibility and is a great way to build self-esteem! As a High School Senior, she is involved in the Student Council and is Vice-President of the High School Optimist Club and looks forward to working with children within the community. Sydney's classes focus on proper technique, individualized stunt practice, and skills for overcoming mental blocks. 

Olivia Flatt

The MIT Dance Studio is so excited to offer private tumbling classes taught by Olivia Flatt! 


Olivia feels strongly that gymnastics has taught her many life lessons that she will carry forever. In her own words:


"One of the many lessons is to never doubt yourself. For example, whenever I am getting ready to do a skill I sometimes get a mental block and think to myself that I can’t do it or I will get hurt if I do but I’ve taught myself how to get over those mental blocks and thoughts through my many years of gymnastics. I started gymnastics when I was very young and I started competing in gymnastics when I was about 6 years old as a level 3 and I am now a level 9. I’ve struggled through my many years of gymnastics with doubt, feeling like I’m not good enough, and worry. Still, I’ve learned that it is just a thought that you have to learn to get over. My teammates and coaches have helped me get through these times and now if I ever see someone or my teammates struggling with the same things I will always be there for them. I love helping people out in my gym with a new skill! I look forward to helping other gymnast cheerleaders and dancers overcome mental blocks and getting new skills!"


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